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The crowds get bigger each year! As Oakland Raider fans await for the 2015-16 football season to begin, more than 4,000 fans turn a stretch of sand in Huntington Beach, California, into a sea of Silver and Black.


The 7th Annual Raider Nation Bonfire was held at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach,California, and the numbers just keep growing, roughly doubling each summer as word of the rip-roaring event spreads throughout the Raider Nation.

Organized by Marty Gonzales, the 7th Annual Raider Nation Bonfire drew a record crowd of 4,000 Raider Nation diehards. That's about double the number of fans that showed up last year. Roughly 1,200 attended the event the year before.

The bonfire was hosted by passionate Oakland Raider fan Marty Gonzales. Tim Brown, 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee, was the event's Special Guest.

"The one word used for the bonfire was Epic," says Official Accidental Travel Writer San Diego Correspondent Tiffany Baxter.

"A lot of people said, 'Rain or shine, we R Raider Nation till we die!' "

There's no rest for the Raider Nation as football season approaches. The 1st Preseason BBQ will be held on 15 August, and Raiders Fan Convention South will follow one week later on 22 August.

Both events will be held in or about San Diego, a.k.a. Baja Oakland or Oakland South.

Rumour has it that other events will be held at various other locations around the country, a.k.a Raider Nation, as Raider fans await Opening Day of the 2015-16 NFL season. 

Photo Opps

Special thanks to Tiffany Baxter, the Official Accidental Travel Writer San Diego Correspondent, for arranging the following photos!


Photo Credit: Knights of the Shield 209.


Photo Credit:  Knights of the Shield 209.


Photo Credit:  Knights of the Shield 209.


Photo Credit: South Bay Raiders Booster Club of San Diego.

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