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Australia: Sydney Lights Up as English Footballers Climb Harbour Bridge


Sydney Harbour Bridge is bathed in blue and white to welcome an English football squad, which is in town to play a friendly match against the local side. The players climb the bridge to commemorate the event.


Sydney Harbour Bridge is illuminated in the team colours of Tottenham Hotspur. Photo Credit: Destination NSW.


England's Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has arrived in Sydney, Australia, for a friendly match against Sydney Football Club - and a bit of sightseeing.

After arriving in Sydney, Australia, for a friendly match against Sydney Football Club, England's Tottenham Hotspur squad climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Talk about photo opps! Was that Tottenham Hotspur Striker Harry Kane atop the bridge caught taking a selfie?

The friendly match will kick off at 8 pm local time on Saturday 30 May 2015. It will be played at Sydney's ANZ Stadium.

While in town, the Spurs will do more than play football. They will also do some sightseeing.

One of the highlights of the football team's stay will be a cruise through Sydney Harbour. The footballers will also take in some of Sydney's other key tourist attractions during their visit.

So what do the English footballers think of Australia's most popular travel destination?

"I've managed to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House," says Tottenham Hotspur Striker Harry Kane.

"It looks like a great city, and I'm really enjoying my time here. I'll definitely be coming back on a holiday one day and telling all my mates to come along as well.”

Photo Opps


Tottenham Hotspur footballer Harry Kane at the summit of Sydney Harour Bridge. Photo Credit: Destination NSW.



Tottenham Hotspur footballer Christian Eriksen projected on to the pylon of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo Credit: Destination NSW.



Tottenham Hotspur footballer Hugo Lloris at the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo Credit: Destination NSW.



Tottenham Hotspur footballers in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo Credit: Destination NSW.



Tottenham Hotspur footballers atop Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo Credit: Destination NSW.


The squad's visit coincides with Vivid Sydney, a 23 day celebration of lights, music, and ideas.

Other key sporting events this weekend include the first ever Star Australian Badminton Open, which got underway on 26 May at Sydney Olympic Park and concludes on 31 March.

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