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Passengers arriving at Osaka New Kansai International Airport can purchase pre-paid SIM cards from vending machines that accept credit cards, and they can be activated within 2 minutes of purchase.

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Vending machine selling pre-paid SIM cards. Photo Credit: NTT Communications Corporation.


Vending machines selling prepaid SIM cards have been installed by NTT Communiications at Osaka New Kansai Internationship Airport and the Aqua City Obaida shopping mall in Tokyo.

They are the first vending machines in the world selling SIM cards that enable travellers to begin using a pre-paid mobile service in as little as 2 minutes after purchase.

Two types of SIM cards are on offer. They are good for either 7 or 14 days.

After purchasing a SIM card, travelers simply need to register their information such as name and birthday on a touch panel or a passport scanner to gain immediate access to the Internet. Instructions are provided in 3 languages: Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Since payment is made by credit card, travellers do not need to have Japanese yen on hand to purchase the SIM cards.

NTT Com’s Prepaid SIM cards can also be purchased at airports, retailers, electronics stores, and travel agencies throughout Japan.

A record 13 million tourists visited Japan in 2014, and more are expected this year. NTT plans to add more retail outlets where prepaid SIM cards can be purchased.