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American Football

Delta Airlines and the Seattle Seahawks fly 12 out of state fans and their families and/or friends to Seattle to attend the National Football Conference Playoff game against the Carolina Panthers.


Photo Credit: Delta Airlines.


You remember the Seattle Seahawks! You know, the National Football League team that won the 2014 Super Bowl?

Well, the football team and its official airline, Delta Airlines, have flown 12 deserving out of state Seattle Seahawks fans and members of their families and/or friends to Seattle, Washington, to attend the NFL divisional playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers.

The airline is providing not only free airline tickets, but hotel accommodation, as well! The airline, as you know, has targeted Seattle as a key hub in its bid to expand its Asia-Pacific presence.

The Seattle Seahawks fans were selected from fan clubs, kid's clubs, military relations, and community groups. Half of the Seattle Seahawks fans were from Washington State, and half of the Seattle Seahawks fans were from other parts of the country.

We're talking Alaska, Arizona, Montana, New York, North Dakota, and Tennessee!

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