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American Football

The Oakland Raiders open on the road against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium, and they couldn’t ask for a more hospitable away game environment - except, possibly, for Qualcomm Stadium in Baja Oakland.

Raiders Meadowlands

Raider fans Tailgating at MetLife Stadium in 2013.


Oakland Raider fans are descending on New York City, vowing to turn the Big Apple into the Black Apple in what has been dubbed ‘Invasion Weekend’.

“We have a weekend full of events that has already started!” says John Lauro, Head Honcho, Man in Charge, Supreme Dictator, and Head Bartender at Peter Dillons, the NYC Home of the Raider Nation.

“The Raider Spirit is alive and thriving in NYC.”

Things will kick off with a Saturday brunch at Peter Dillons, which is located at mid-town Manhattan. After that, the Raider Nation will marauder through the streets of NYC raising the Raider banner high!

"Broadway will run BLACK!” John says.

“Maybe we will pop into the Bronco bar and make a mess there before heading back to Peter Dillons, the NYC Home of the Raider Nation!” 

Game Day

“On Sunday, in the wee hours of the morning, we will board buses to MetLife Stadium to have the most epic tailgate this town has ever seen!!!" John says.

"In all seriousness, we have about 400 Raider fans descending on my tailgate party!”

John is upbeat about the Raiders prospects this year. Has the drought finally ended?

“Our new QB Derek Carr will show the world what he's all about!” John says.

“The Raider Nation is alive and well in NYC and we will celebrate its spirit!!!”