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Pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor has taken off in a reconditioned Boeing Stearman open-cockpit biplane on a flight from Cape Town to London. Photo Credit: Boeing.


Now how is this for nostalgia? Pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor has taken off on a 7,000-mile (11,000-kilometer) solo flight from Cape Town, South Africa, to London, England, retracing the 1928 route taken by Lady Mary Heath, who was the first pilot - male or female - to make such a trip. She is flying in a reconditioned Boeing Stearman open-cockpit biplane.

Tracey departed from Cape Town on 2 November 2013. She plans to arrive in Goodwood, near London, in December. She is flying a refurbished 1942 Stearman named Spirit of Artemis, after sponsor Artemis Investments.

“We hope this journey inspires people along the route to learn more about the remarkable history of aviation and the role Boeing has played in the past, as well as the important role we play in African aviation today,” says Boeing Military Aircraft President Chris Chadwick.

More than 8,500 Stearmans were built in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s. The airplane was the primary trainer for the U.S. Air Force and Navy during World War II.

What an adventure! I can almost feel the wind ripping through my hair!