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After two weeks, Catalina Sports Bar & Grill of Phoenix, Arizona, continues to roar ahead of the pack in the Oakland Raiders sports bar challenge.

Peter Dillons of New York City continues in second, followed by the Public Bar in Washington, DC, and Dave & Butlers in Ontario, California. Big Daddy's of Austin, Texas, has leapfrogged over Ricky's of San Leandro, California, to claim fifth. Buffalo Wings of Chula Vista, California, which was not a part of the orignial 25 nominees, has moved into seventh. 

Legends of Las Vegas, Nevada, occupies eighth. Dugout South of Statin Island, New York - another late arrival - has moved into ninth. And Fast Eddies of San Antonio, Texas, has dropped to 10th place.

Eleven sports bars have been eliminated, meanwhile, leaving just 10 of the more than 25 sports bars nominated in the Oakland Raiders sports bar competition. Only three of them are located in California, with three in Texas.Rising

How They Stack Up After Two Week

1. Catalina Sports Bar, Phoenix, Arizona – 73% of the tally with 6,811 votes.

2. Peter Dillons of New York, New York – 13%% of the tally with 1,194 votes.

3. Public Bar of Washington, DC – 2% of the tally with 857 votes.

4. Dave & Busters of Ontario, California – 2% of the tally with 97 votes.

5. Big Daddy's of Austin, Texas – 1% of the tally with 59 votes.

6. Rickys of San Leandro, California – 1% of the tally with 77 votes.

7. Buffalo Wings of Chula Vista, California - 0% of the tally with 24 votes

8. Legends of Las Vegas, Nevada – 0% of the tally with 7 votes.

9. Dugout South of Statin Island, New York – 0% of the tally with 6 votes.

10. Players Billiards of El Paso, Texas – 0% of the tally with 5 votes (tie).


Vote Early and Vote Often!

We will now start eliminating the sports bars one by one. We will continue until a sports bar reaches 10,000 votes - or only one sports bar is left, whichever happens first.

You will find a complete list of the Top 10 Finalists – listed according to their ranking after two weeks – to the right.

Don't let your favourite sports bar get eliminated. Vote early and vote often.  And tell your friends to do the same. Remember: 

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