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Ethical luxury doesn't have to be an oxymoron, as these socially conscious travelers demonstrate. Photo Credit: Hands Up Holidays.

Socially Responsible Travel

Ethical luxury does NOT have to be a contradiction is terms! Not according to Hands Up Holidays, which organizes trips that allow socially consious travelers to have a great holiday while giving back to the communities they visit.

Christmas is just around the corner, and Hands Up Holidays is offering family vacations to such varied travel destinations as Cambodia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Zambia, and all of them embody the true Christmas spirit.

Did I say New Zealand? You read that right!

Socially concious travelers on trips to New Zealand can help maintain the habitats of endangered penguins on South Island – in between engaging in bungie jumping, tasting wine, and beach hopping.

In Cambodia, they can help build house for families in need. In Costa Rica, they can help out at a rescue centre for illegally traded animals. And in Zambia, they can build a house for a single mother and her kids – while not missing out on a visit to Victoria Falls.