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Top 10 Los Angeles Rams Sports Bars

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A team with two suitors: will the Rams remain in St Louis or return to Los Angeles? Rams fans are divided on the issue.

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And if you CAN watch a game in person, you can head to the same venue to celebrate a Rams victory or drawn your sorrows following a Rams defeat.

During football season, radio station 101ESPN’s Zach McCrite, Micheal Young, and Carey Davis do their Rams Post-Game Show at Brewhouse Sports Bar after every Rams Home Game.

There are plenty of watering holes throughout the St Louis area where Rams fans will feel welcome, but the team doesn't have much of a national following so it can be difficult to find Rams friendly bars in the usual NFL strongholds of New York City or Washington, DC.

One exception is Chicago, Illinois, where at least one bar welcomes Rams fans (see below).

Los Angeles Rams?

Another exception is Southern California, where the Los Angeles Rams played for 50 years before migrating East to St. Louis in 1995.

According to Skyeatollah Angeleno of SoCal Rams, who got in touch by way of Facebook, the largest gathering of Rams fans on game day – outside of the stadium, of course – takes place not in Missouri, but in Southern California at the Malecon Restaurant at 5201 Clark Avenue in Lakewood, California (Tel: (562) 237-0853)!

Which just goes to prove that the team STILL has a very strong fan base in the Southland - although it could be argued that there are more Oakland Raiders or even San Diego Charger fans in Los Angeles than St Louis Rams fans.

But that could change ...

There are hopes among some die hard fans in Los Angeles - and they appear to be growing stronger - that the Rams might pull an Oakland Raiders and return to their former home in 2014, thanks to a loophole in the team's 30 year lease with St. Louis.

The NFL wants improvements to the Edward Jones Dome, and the city says it can't afford to fund them.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it, Oakland Raider fans? Talk about deja vu all over again!

First Modern Sports Bar

Billed as the “First Modern Sports Bar in America”, Legends Sports Bar was established in Long Beach, California, in 1970 for Dennis Harrah, a former defensive lineman for the Los Angeles Rams.

It was the first food and beverage establishment in the world to broadcast live sporting events from around the world.

The establishment has a massive collection of sports memorabilia. Sounds like a great place to watch a game.

 Where to Root for the Los Angeles Rams

1. Brewhouse Historical Sports Bar -315 Chestnut Street, St. Louis, Missouri. Tel: (314) 655-1234.

2. Patrick's Restaurant & Sports Bar - 342 Westport Plaza, St. Louis, Missouri. Tel: (314) 349-0505.

3. OverUnder Bar & Grill - 911 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri. Tel: (314) 621-8881.

4. Flannery's - 1324 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri. Tel: (314) 241-8885

5. Friendly's Sports Bar and Grill - 3503 Roger Place, St. Louis, Missouri. Tel: (314) 771-2040.

6. OB. Clark's - 1921 South Brentwood Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri. Tel: (314) 961-8900

7. Cleo's - 1935 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Tel: (312) 243-5600.

8. Legends Long Beach - 5236 East 2nd Street, Long Beach, California. Tel: (562) 433-5743.

9. Bleu XO Restaurant & Night Club - 14160 Beach Boulevard, Westminster, California. Tel: (714) 903-7770.

10. 7777 Sports Bar – 777 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada. Tel: (702) 388-7777.

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Bars sometimes close and fans sometimes migrate to other establishments.

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