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Odette Huang of Singapore's Royal Plaza on Scots (left) and Michael Taylor pose in front of Pasta Pronto, a Ferrari mock-up covered in pasta in celebration of the Formula One Grand Prix. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Singapore will be one big party this weekend as the Lion City revs up for its sixth Formula One Grand Prix. Race car drivers, Formula One officials, and racing enthusists have been arriving all week in the runup to the event.

Hotels, restaurants, bars, and shopping malls have been outdoing themselves with race car themed promotions.

Take the Royal Plaza on Scots, where I spent three nights last week. The chefs at the hotel have created a life-sized Ferrari covered in pasta, which is on display in the hotel lobby.

In previous years, the Royal Plaza on Scots has created sports cars crafted of chocolate, bread, and macarons. It's all part of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative to support the Community Chest.  

Meaningful Charity Initiatives


Arlene Benger-Tan of the Preferred Hotel Group (left) with Tan Ning-xi of Royal Plaza on Scots. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.


Measuring over 4.40 metres long, the pasta covered sports car - dubbed Pasta Pronto - was constructed by a team of 18 chefs and culinary staff under the leadership of Abraham Tan, Culinary Executive Chef at the Royal Plaza on Scots. It took 11.30 hours to complete.

 "RP takes pride in celebrating the nation's night motor racing season by engaging the community in meaningful charity initiatives and sharing our excitement with the less privileged,” says Patrick Fiat, General Manager of the Royal Plaza.  

“Guests can indulge in a spectacular visual and culinary feast with the life-sized pasta car when they visit Singapore and RP during this period., We are also delighted to be able to do our part for the community with the support of our guests and patrons through this CSR initiative."  

Up Close and Personal


Singapore Royal Plaza on Scots Ferrari
Chefs at the Royal Plaza on Scots pose with Pasta Pronto, a pasta-covered Ferrari. Photo Credit: Royal Plaza on Scots.


I got up close and personal with the Pasta Pronto during my recent stay at the hotel, posing for photos with Odette Huang and Tan Ning-xi of Royal Plaza on Scots and Arlene Benger-Tan of the Preferred Hotels Group.

I must say, it looked almost good enough to eat!

But please cook the pasta first – and preferably make it al dente! And please slather it with LOTS of tomato sauce!

One more thing ... that pasta dyed black with squid ink? I wouldn't be terribly disappoined if you left it out!