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Slovenia: Blogging, It's a Dog's Life (or How to Win 100,000 Euros)!

Slovenia blogging with dogs 4
Blogging with your dog could bring fame and fortune! Photo Credit: Spirit Slovenia.

Lucky Draw

So what do you get if you win? You and your dog will get to spend a night in Bled Castle, accompanied by a personal guide. And if that's not enough, how does 100,000 euros sound?

That's right! 100,000 euros! (Think of how much dog food that will buy!)

Here's how it works. Describe yourself and your dog. Include both of your names. Say where you live. And don't forget to mention why you simply have to win – and go to Slovenia with your dog (check the map if you're not sure where Slovenia is).

This is where it gets sketchy ... I'm not sure exactly how it works ...