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Great Gatsby: Bibliophobe to English Major, the Making of a Writer

New York, Long Island. Photo Credit New York State Division of Tourism. Part Three in a Series

With the upcoming release of a movie version of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Great Gatsby, The New York State Division of Tourism is promoting Long Island as a travel destination for movie fans. This is the third in a series on The Great Gatsby.  

Reading didn't come easily to me. My English teachers made sure of that. They always seemed so opinionated, sarcastic, and judgmental. 

Somehow I survived my junior and senior high school English classes, making it to junior college, where yet more English classes awaited.

Too bad for me, I flunked the English entrance exam and had to take a semester of what we referred to as “Bonehead English” - so that English class didn't even count toward my degree.

Then there were two more years' worth of English classes, and how I hated them. We had to read short stories and poems and novels – and then write essays about them, and I just couldn't understand the point.

In other classes – such as science and sociology and psychology – we learned things that were interesting. But I just couldn't understand the logic of analyzing stories that I didn't even want to read in the first place.

Four Year University

I made it through junior college, transferring to a four year university as a junior. My general education requirements fulfilled, I could now focus on my major – political science – and THAT is where I learned how to write.

In political science classes – and in the many history electives that I also took – we had to do lots of research and write term papers, and that is what laid the groundwork for my eventual career as a writer.

After receiving my Bachelor's degree, I enrolled in graduate school, where I decided to major in – you won't believe this – ENGLISH!!!


To Be Continued

This is the third in a series on The Great Gatsby.

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