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Top 10 Houston Texan Sports Bars

 Football Houston Texan cheerleaders. Photo Credit Cpl Lance Marcel Brown via Wikimedia Commons.

Houston Texans cheerleaders performing for the US military. Photo Credit: Cpl Lance Marcel Brown via Wikimedia Commons.

American Football

First there were the Dallas Texans. They moved to Kansas City and became the Kansas City Chiefs. Then there were the Houston Oilers. They moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and became the Tennessee Oilers. Not much oil in Tennessee. So they were re-named the Tennessee Titans.

When Houston, Texas, was granted an expansion franchise in the National Football League, logically the team should have been called the Houston Oilers – except that the name Oilers still belonged to Bud Adams, owner of the Tennessee Titans.

Following an online survey, it was decided to name the team the Houston Texans, which should not be confused with the Dallas Texans!

Remember? They moved to Kansas City. Dallas, meanwhile, soon after losing the Texans, got another franchise, which were christened the  Dallas Cowboys . . .

All of which sort of drives me crazy. I think that if a franchise moves cities, the team's name, mascot, colours, and legacy should remain with the city. An entirely new identity should be created in the team's new home.

Whatever . . .

The Houston Texans won the NFL American Football Conference South in 2011 and again in 2012. The team is clearly on a roll.

Where to Root for the Houston Texans

The following sports bars are considered friendly to fans of the Houston Texans. Some of them are full fledged Houston Texan fan hangouts.

  1. Houston Texans Grille - 12848 Queensbury Lane #208, Houston, Texas. Telephone: (713) 461-2002.
  2. Lucky's Pub - 801 St. Emanuel Street, Houston, Texas. Telephone: (713) 522-2010.
  3. Big John's Bar & Grill - 6150 Wilcrest, Houston, Texas. Telephone: (281) 498-3499.
  4. Nick's Sports Bar & Grill - 1448 Willcrest, Houston, Texas. Telephone: (713) 785 9900.  
  5. Coaches Pub Midtown - 2204 Louisiana Street, Houston, Texas. Telephone: (713) 751-1970.
  6. Idle Hands Bar - 25 Avenue B, downstairs, New York, New York. Telephone: (917) 338-7090.
  7. Hill Country - 30 West 26th Street, New York, New York. Telephone: (2120 255-4544.
  8. Cactus Moon - 1017 North Dobson #108, Mesa, Arizona. Telephone: (480) 833-2226.
  9. Sports Column - 1930 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado. Telephone: (303) 296-1930.
  10. ???