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Top 10 Buffalo Bills Sports Bars - Canada's National Team?

American Football

Buffalo, New York, is a great sports town with 3 sports franchises: the Buffalo Bills in  the National Football League, the Buffalo Sabres in the National Hockey League, and the Buffalo Bisons, a Triple A baseball team.

Jim_Leonhard_of_the_New_York_Jets-returning_vs_Buffalo_Bills_by Ed_Yourdon_via-Wikimedia-Commons
Jim Leonhard of the New York Jets returns against the Buffalo Bills. Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon via Wikimedia Commons.

Canada's Football Team?

With several teams north of the US border, Canada is well represented in the National Hockey League - not surprising considering that ice hockey is Canada's national sport and also because most of the ice hockey players playing for US teams are Canadian nationals.

Canada also has one basketball team playing in the National Basketball Association, the Toronto Raptors, and one baseball team playing in Major League Baseball, the Toronto Blue Jays.

Canada used to have two baseball teams in playing in Major League Baseball, but the Montreal Expos went South - in the most literal sense of the word!

But Canada is totally unrepresented in what is arguably North America's most popular sport - National Football League football.

Small Market Looks North

Buffalo, New York, is a relatively small market. In a bid to increase its fan base, the Buffalo Bills - the American team located closest to the Canadian border – have scheduled one game in Toronto, Ontario, in the 2013 season.

The Buffalo Bills will play their game against the Atlanta Falcons in Toronto at Rogers Centre on 1 December 2013.

The strategy appears to be working. Canadians already account for about 15% of Buffalo Bills season ticket holders.

Sports Bars Friendly to Fans of the Buffalo Bills

  1. Kelly's - 12 Avenue A, New York, New York: (212) 388-1464 .
  2. The Laughing Man Tavern - 1306 G Street NW, Washington, DC. Telephone: (202) 737-1797.
  3. Padriac's - 2460 Cumberland Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia. Telephone: (770) 433- 2398.
  4. Lincoln Station - 2432 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (773) 472-8100.
  5. The Harp - 85 Causeway Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Telephone: (617) 742-1010..
  6. Tin Shed Tavern and Pizza - 12250 Zinran Avenue, Savage, Minnesota.  Telephone: (952) 736-2444.
  7. Thirsty Buffalo -555 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York. Telephone: (716) 510-1755.
  8. Jimmy's Old Town Tavern - 697 Spring Street, Herndon, Virginia. Telephone: (703) 435-5467.
  9. Buffalo Roadhouse Grill - 716 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Tonawanda, New York. Telephone: (716) 692-7999.
  10. Busby's Sports Bar - 3110 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, California.

Your Feedback Wanted!

Bars sometimes close and fans sometimes migrate to other establishments. Please send any corrections or additions to the Accidental Travel Writer or leave a comment in the comment box below.

We would be especially interested to learn of any Buffalo Bills sports bars in Canada - or other football teams, for that matter.

Which raises an interesting question. If you're a Canadian citizen that likes National Football League football, what is your favourite football team and why?

What's more, would you like to see Canada get a franchise in the National Football League? If so, which city do you think could best support a team?

Again, please send comments to the Accidental Travel Writer or comment in the comment box below.