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Top 10 Green Bay Packers Sports Bars

 Green_Bay_Packer_hearse, G Bar, Mesa, Arizona

A green and golden hearst is parked outside G & G Lounge in Mesa, Arizona. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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With a population of 100,355, Green Bay, Wisconsin, is surely the smallest city in the United States with a major league sports franchise.

Even the so-called “metropolitan area” of Green Bay has a mere 306,241 people. So how is this tiny city of one-tenth of a million able to hold unto a football powerhouse that has won 13 Super Bowls? The Green Bay Packers are unique in that the team is owned almost entirely by its fans.

Fans as Shareholders

More than 112,000 fans are currently co-owners of the team, which represents the city of Green Bay.

What is interesting about the Green Bay Packers is that the shares of its stock cannot be resold except back to the team at a fraction of the original price. Shares do not appreciate in value. No shareholder can own more than 200 shares – to prevent an individual from gaining control of the team. And there are no season ticket holder privileges.

As a lifelong Oakland Raiders fan – a team that left home once, returned, and now threatens to leave town again – I must say, I'm green with envy.

Would love to own a piece of my Raiders – and keep them always in Oakland, where they were born, and where they rightfully belong.

Top 10 Green Bay Packers Sports Bars

With all of those great Packers bars in Green Bay itself and all over the state of Wisconsin and the rest of the Mid West, there is a bar in Mesa, Arizona, that earns the right to be dubbed, Best Green Bay Packers Sports Bar in the United States.

A quick search on Wikimedia Commons revealed a picture of a green and gold 1980s hearse parked in the parking in front of G & G Lounge in Mesa, Arizona. We did some on line research, and this is what we learned.

“Behind the bar is the panoramic photo of Lambeau Field, our Sentry Foods sponsored fan towel, and dozens of Packer posters and photos,” say Steve Kraus and Jeanmarie Genske on JSOnline.

  1. G & G Lounge 5324 East Main Avenue, Mesa, Arizona. Telephone: (480) 985 4381.
  2. Champions Bar & Grill 1007 Tony Canadeo Run, Green Bay, Wisconsin. Telephone: (920) 544 8367. 
  3. The Stadium View Bar & Grille 1963 Holmgren Way, Green Bay, Wisconsin. Telephone: (920) 498 1989. 
  4. Brett Favre's Steakhouse 1004 Brett Favre Pass, Green Bay, Wisconsin. Telephone: (920) 499 6874. Website: Brett Favre's Steakhouse
  5. Anduzzi's Sports Club 403 West College Avenue, Appleton, Wisconsin. Telephone: (920) 257 2582. Website: Anduzzi's Sports Club
  6. Will's Northwoods Inn 3030 North Racine, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (773) 528 4400. Website: Will's Northwoods Inn
  7. Kettle of Fish 59 Christopher Street, New York, New York. Telephone: (212) 414 2278. Website:
  8. Swanky's Vittles and Libations 1938 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado. Telephone: (303) 297 2399. 
  9. Nick's Sports Bar & Grill 1448 Willcrest, Houston, Texas. Telephone: (713) 785 9900. 
  10. Rum Runner Las Vegas 1801 East Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada. Telephone: (702) 736 6366. Website: Rum Runner Las Vegas