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The Pacific Northwest is the focus this month as the Accidental Travel Writer, a.k.a. Michael Taylor, explores Vancouver, Seattle, and Victoria. Pictured above: Seattle skyline with Mount Rainier in the distance. Photo Credit: Daniel Schwen.
Photo Opps
Hong kong book fair and nom 026
Media dinner at NOM, a newly opened Italian eatery in Hong Kong.
Pride 103
With friends at a shopping mall in Seattle, Washington.

What I'm reading ...

It's sh***ty, crappy, and weak writing ... lazy and hackneyed ... I really don't think she wrote it. There's something missing.

- S.F. in Macau (via Facebook), 31 July 2014.


After 354 pages, I can't believe I'm still reading. I honestly thought I would have given up by now. Sometimes I feel as though I'm reading a book that was written in another language and sloppily translated into English ... because the story is interesting (and keeps me wanting to know what is going to happen next) , but the writing is sloppy ... and it FREQUENTLY annoys me!

- Accidental Travel Writer in Hong Kong, 28 July 2014


I had almost given up on the book but after 116 pages I'm finally starting to get interested in the story.

- Accidental Travel Writer in Hong Kong, 25 July 2014.


Picked up this book at the Hong Kong Book Fair, and - after 36 pages - it has so far failed to captivate me the way 'Joy Luck Club' did 25 years ago. Will it get better? Not according to S.F. of Macau. We're both wondering if it could possibly have been written by someone else!

- Accidental Travel Writer in Hong Kong, 22 July 2014


What I've read ...

A footnote in 'Red Star Over China' led the writer to research the murder of a British teenager in Peking in the run-up to the city's invasion by the Japanese. Reads like a well crafted novel. I highly recommend it! Can't wait to read 'The Badlands' by the same author.

- Accidental Travel Writer in Hong Kong,18 July 2014


What I've read ...

A page turner if there ever was one, and my introduction to Ian Hamilton and his Chinese-Canadian heroine, Ava Lee, a forensic accountant with an appetite for adventure. Couldn't put it down. I highly recommend it! Looking forward to reading other mysteries in the Ava Lee series.

- Accidental Travel Writer in Hong Kong, 15 July 2014

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