Top 10 Things for Raiders Fans to Do in Oakland This Weekend
Oakland: New York Jets Fans Plan to Invade the Black Hole

Top 10 New York Jets Sports Bars

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New York Jets fans at 51st State Tavern in Washington, DC Photo Credit: 51st State Tavern

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The New York Jets are flying to Sunny California, where they will take on the Oakland Raiders in the home opener for the Silver and Black at Oakland's notorious Black Hole, a.k.a. the Oakland Coliseum.

And they can be sure that they will receive a raucous "welcome" from those notoriously rabble rousing Oakland Raiders fans! This New York/Oakland matchup does seem to be generating some excitement. The first indication is that the Black Hole was sold out in time for the customary television blackout in Northern California to be lifted.

The second is that New York Jets fans from all over the West Coast are planning to invade the Black Hole – but more on that tomorrow.


All of which brings back a few memories. Ten years ago, I flew home from Hong Kong to attend the American Football Conference playoffs, the first game of which was also against the New York Jets.

I remember that there were about 30 New York Jets fans seated at the highest reaches of Mt Davis. About five minutes before the game ended, they were escorted out of the Black Hole – one by one – by two beefy Men in Black.

These hunky “sports fans” might have been dressed in Oakland Raiders gear, but I grew up in Oaktown, and I know a member of OPD in plain clothes when I see one!

But I digress . . .

A couple of weeks ago, I published a post entitled the Top 10 Oakland Raider Sports Bars. Considering the popularity of that post – it has attracted more traffic than any other post ever published in the Accidental Travel Writer – self interest compels me to do the same for New York Jets fans.

Needless to say, New York has a larger population than Oakland (8,175,133 vs 390,724) so New York City probably has as many sports bars as Oakland has people. So it is impossible to check out all of them. . .

New York Jets Friendly Sports Bars

This list has to be highly selective – and a bit arbitrary. Let's face it. You could walk into any neighborhood bar in the five boroughs of New York City and find the Jets on television come Sunday. Either that or the Giants.

But interestingly, my research indicates that at least two of the top sports bars for New York Jets fans are not even located in the Big Apple. Can you guess where they are?

Five sports bars in New York made the list, four in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. There are five from other parts of the country: one each in Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; San Antonio, Texas; Tampa, Florida, and Washington, DC.

  1. 123 Burger Shot Beer 738 10th Avenue, New York, New York. Tel: (212) 315 0123. Website: 123 Burger Shot Beer.
  2. BrickYard Gastropub 785 9th Avenue (between 52nd and 53 streets), New York, New York. Tel: (212) 767 0077. Website: BrickYard Gastropub.
  3. Jack Russell's Pub 1591 2nd Avenue, New York, New York Tel: (212) 472 2800.
  4. The Hill, New York 416 3rd Avenue, New York, New York Tel: (212) 481 1712.
  5. Oceans 8 308 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Tel: (718) 857 5555 Website: Oceans 8.
  6. Sideliners Grill 15630 Henderson Pass, San Antonio, Texas Tel: (210) 490 3898 Website: Sideliners Grill.
  7. Peabody's Billiards & Games 15333 Amberly Drive, Tampa, Florida Tel: (813) 972 1725. 
  8. Meehan's Public House 227 Sandy Spring Place, Atlanta, Georgia Tel: (404) 843 8058.