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Executive Chef Darren Ong with a life-sized race car made entirely of recycled materials. Photo Credit: Royal Plaza on Scotts in Singapore.

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The 10th annual Formula One Singapore Grand Prix will be held 15 through 17 September 2017 along the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls across the city are getting in on the act with special promotions and themed events.

In a celebration of the 10th annual Singapore Grand Prix, Royal Plaza on Scotts has created a life-sized race car made entirely of recycled materials. 

The five-star hotel's Chief Experience Officers (CEOs) from various departments started collecting objects that normally would have ended up in the dust bin in May. 

A life-sized race car was creating using ...

  • 1,392 fused light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • 5,825 used coffee capsules
  • 4,270 seashells from mussels, scallops and clams
  • 452 old bottle caps
  • 588 drained batteries
  • have been collected for the entire construction of the race car display.

The race car measures 4.40 metres long, 1.90 metres wide, and 1.30 metres tall. The car took 1,435 hours to complete. 

Talents from the culinary, housekeeping, front office, and engineering departments were involved in the project under the supervision of the hotel's Executive Chef, Darren Ong.

In addition to the eye-catching race car, a hand wheel is added on to the race car. By spinning the wheel to produce electricity with kinetic energy, the public can have a go at powering up the race car and watching it light up in front of their eyes.

The display also explains how much energy is generated through the motion. For example, one can generate enough energy to fully charge up a mobile phone by spinning the wheel for two minutes or power up a three room apartment for a night by spinning the wheel for 48 hours.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

In what has become a tradition, Chefs at Royal Plaza on Scotts create a life-sized race car using ingredients, waste, or other objects from the hotel's kitchen to celebrate the Singapore Grand Prix each year.

This was the first time that other departments at the hotel were involved in the project.

Look over my shoulder as I take a Walk Down Memory Lane to check out some of the more memorable race cars that were made in previous years by staff at Royal Plaza on Scotts.


Coca-Cola Bottle Caps - a life sized race car was created from Coca-Cola bottle caps in 2016.

Royal Plaza on Scotts 2015 Coffee Capsule Race Car

Coffee Capsules - a life-sized race car was made from coffee capsules in 2015.

Royal Plaza on Scotts 2014 Sea Shell Race Car

Sea Shells - a life-sized race car made of sea shells was created in 2014.

Royal Plaza on Scotts 2013 Pasta Race Car

Pasta - a life-sized race  car made of pasta was created in 2013.

Royal Plaza on Scotts 2011 Macaron Race Car

Macarons - a life-sized race car made of macaons was created in 2011.

Royal Plaza on Scotts 2009 Bread Race Car

Bread - a life-sized race car made of bread was created in 2000.

Royal Plaza on Scotts 2008 Chocolate Race Car

Chocolate - a life-sized race car made of chocolate was created in 2008.

In what has become a tradition, Chefs at Royal Plaza on Scotts createda life-sized race car using ingredients, waste, or other objects from the hotel's kitchen each year to celebrate the Singapore Grand Prix.

Last year's race car was made of Coca-Cola bottle caps. The race car measured 4.40 metres long, 1.90 metres wide, and 1.30 metres tall.

It took a dedicated team of chefs more than 1,000 hours to complete.

More than 20,000 bottle caps were used. As part of RP’s commitment to its eco-friendly practices, hotel employees started collecting bottle caps in January.

Sound Bites

I asked key staff at the hotel where they found inspiration for the displays, how hotel guests and diners reacted to the displays, and what impact working on the project had on staff morale.



People-Darren Ong  Executive Chef Royal Plaza on Scotts
Executive Chef Darren Ong

How do you get inspiration each year for what objects to use?

Executive Chef Darren Ong Responds:

In recent years, the team has experimented with different materials to work with.

For this year, I thought that it will be interesting to mix them up and add more recycled materials, for a combination of different texture and colours.

The unique car is in commemoration of Singapore’s 10th year of hosting the Grand Prix motor night race.



People-Abraham Tan_F&B Manager  Royal Plaza on Scotts
F&B Manager Abraham Tan

How do hotel guests and/or diners at F&B outlets react when they see the race cars on display?

F&B Manager Abraham Tan respnds:

Regular guests have expressed that they always look forward to Royal Plaza on Scotts’ race car displays every year because to check out the different themes and materials that the team incorporates to welcome the racing season in Singapore.

The race car display also encourages guests and visitors to snap photos with the exhibit to share on their social media platforms and to serve as a memento to remember Singapore’s Formula One season by.

This year’s display has an interactive element, which allows guests to spin the hand wheel and see the race car light up with the power of kinetic energy.

The display also illustrates the amount of power generated from the spinning of the hand wheel. For example, spinning it for 14 hours could generate enough energy to power up a PC for eight hours.



People-Patrick Fiat  General Manager and  Chief Experience Officer (CEO) of Royal Plaza on Scotts
General Manager Patrick Garcia Fiat

What impact does this project have on staff morale?

General Manager Patrick Garcia Fiat responds:

This race car display is a result of the effort put in by all of our Chief Experience Officers (CEOs) since May. To make this meaningful project a success, all departments came together to work as a team.

It is a great opportunity for our CEOs to build rapport with each other while creating awareness with recycled materials for the night race, a greener environment and the less privileged children benefiting from The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.



Royal Plaza on Scotts - 25 Scotts Road, Singapore. Telephone: (65) 6737-7966.

The Royal Plaza on Scotts is a member of the Preferred Hotels and Resorts group, which represents 600 hotels in 85 countries.

Singapore Grand Prix

The 10th annual Formula One Singapore Grand Prix will be held 15 through 17 September 2017 along the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Other hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls are offering special promotions and themed events tied in with the Singapore Grand Prix.

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