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Top 10 Seattle Seahawks Sports Bars


CenturyLink Field in downtown Seattle, Washington, is home of the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.

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Updated for the 2017 NFL season. If you can't go to the stadium, the 10 most popular Seahawks sports bars in Seattle and in 10 other parts of the United States and Canada. Please comment on bars and add your own recommendations. Photos of fans at sports bars welcome!

The Seattle Seahawks are based in Seattle, Washington. The Seahawks compete in the West division of the National Football Conference (NFC) of the National Football League (NFL).

Joining the NFL in 1976 as an expansion team, the Seahawks are the only NFL franchise based in the Pacific Northwest.

The Hawks’ fan base extends from Washington State to parts of Oregon as well as Montana, Idaho, and Alaska. The Seahawks also have fans in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

 The Seahawks are also the only American football team to have played in both the NFL and the American Football Conference (AFC), having played in the championship game of both football conferences.

Seahawks fans have been referred to collectively as the "12th Man" because of the noise they make at CenturyLink Field, which is located in downtown Seattle.

The so-called Legion of Boom has twice set the Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd noise at a sporting event, first on 16 September 2013 during a game against the San Francisco 49ers; the second on 2 December 2013, during a Monday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints.

The Seattle Seahawks have won 10 division titles and three conference championships. The Seahawks have made it to the Super Bowl three times.

The Seathawks lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 2005 by a score of 21 to 10. They beat the Denver Broncos by a convincing score of 43 to 8 in 2013. They lost to the New England Patriots ithe following year by a close score of  28 to 24.

Where to Root for the Seahawks in Seattle

The following sports bars are considered to be friendly to fans of the Seattle Seahawks. Some of them are full fledged team hangouts.

Bars close and fans migrate to other establishments. Sometimes bars decide to broadcast other events. So always call ahead to make sure the bar is going to broadcast the game you want to watch.

  1. The Hawks Nest Sports Bar & Grill - 1028 - 1st Avenue South, Seattle, Washington. Telephone: (206) 381-8630.
  2. Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub - 1916 Post Alley, Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington. Telephone: (206) 728-1916.
  3. Sluggers Seattle - 538 - 1st Avenue South or 539 South Occidental,Seattle, Washington. Telephone:  (206) 654-8070.
  4. The Hillside Bar - 1520 East Olive Way, Seattle, Washington. Telephone: (206) 324-0154.
  5. Ozzies Bar - 105 West Mercer Street, Seattle, Washington. Telephone. (206) 284-4618.
  6. Sport Restaurant and Bar - 140 - 4th Avenue North, Suite 130, Seattle, Washington. Telephone: (206) 404-7767.
  7. Quality Athletics - 121 South King Street, Seattle, Washington. Telephone: (206) 420-3015.
  8. Henry's Tavern - 1518 - 1st Avenue South, Seattle, Washington. Telephone: (206) 624-0501.
  9. Ballard Loft Restaurant and Sports Bar - 5105 Ballard Street Northwest, Seattle, Washington. Telephone: (206) 420-2737.
  10. Buckley's Queen Anne - 232 - 1st Avenue West, Seattle, Washington. Telephone: (206) 691-0232.

Where to Root for the Seahawks Around North America

While not necessarily exclusive Seahawks hangouts, the following sports bars often attract Seahawk fans on game day. But always call ahead to make sure the game with will broadcast! 

  1. Thrusters Lounge - 4633 Mission Boulevard, San Diego, California. Telephone: (858) 483-6334. "San Diego's Original Home of the 12th Man."
  2. Skeptical Chymist - 15688 North Pima Road, Scottsdale, Arizona. Telephone: (480) 609-8677.
  3. Scooters Pub - 6200 South Rainbow Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada. Telephone: (707) 227-9047.
  4. Backstage Bar and Grill - 10400 Culver Blvd, Culver City, California. Telephone: (310) 839-3892, - "The Seahawks Bar in  Southern California."
  5. Carlow East - 1254 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York. Telephone: (212) 744-6397.
  6. The Common Interest Karaoke Bar and Grill - 8440 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas. Telephone: (512) 453-6796.- "Home of the Only Seattle Seahawks Bar in Central Texas."
  7. Rhein Haus Denver - 1415 Market Street, Denver, Colorado. Telephone: (303) 800-2652.
  8. The Pint Public House - 455 Abbott Street, Vancouver, British Columbia. Telephone: (604) 684-0258.
  9. The Brass Tap Craft Beer Bar - 4505 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, Georgia. Telephone: (770) 557-0232.
  10. The Red Door - 3875 Grand Avenue, Billings, Montana. Telephone: (406) 259-6419.

Fan Fotos from Seahawk Fans in Austin Texas


Austin Texas Sea Hawkers at the Common Interest Bar and Grill in Austin, Texas.
Austin Texas Sea Hawkers at the Common Interest Bar and Grill in Austin, Texas.
Austin Texas Sea Hawkers at the Common Interest Bar and Grill in Austin, Texas.
Austin Texas Sea Hawkers at the Common Interest Bar and Grill in Austin, Texas.


Austin Texas Sea Hawkers at the Common Interest Bar and Grill in Austin, Texas.

According to Carl Stephens, President of the Austin Texas Sea Hawkers Booster Club, Common Interest is the #1 watch party location in Texas.

"We average about 130 people a watch party, going on the fourth year at this location," Carl says. "Here are some photos."

Thanks for the photos, Carl! You Texas Seahawks fans rock!

Fan Fotos from Seahawk Fans in Denver, Colorado


Seahawks fans have an entire floor to themselves on game day at Rhein Haus in Denver, Colorado.


Beer at Rhein HausDenver  is served to Sea Hawker members in custom mugs.

According to Malcolm Foster, Seattle Seahawks fans have a large turnout at Rhein Haus in Denver, Colorado, when the Seahawks are playing.

"We have the whole second floor dedicated to Seahawks fans!" Malcom says. "It is only bar in Denver that has a whole floor to themselves.

Not only that! Beer is served to booster club members in custom mugs!

"Rhein Haus Denver  is the Home of the Kam Dog and the only known  Sea Hawkers Mug Club!" Malcolm says.

Your Input Wanted

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