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Australian visitor to Hong Kong says he spent a week in Hong Kong and found the city to be “an eye opener – full of life, excitement, and colour”. As for the people? They were "very rude." he says.

Hong Kong people Causeway Bay Mr Drake
Pedestrians crossing the street in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay district Photo Credit: Mr Drake via Wikimedia Commons.
Are Hong Kong people rude? Does this affect the former British Crown Colony's tourism industry?

An Australian visitor to the city was so upset with his experiences here that he wrote a letter to the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong's largest circulation English language daily newspaper.

Steve Stefanopoulus of Melbourne, Australia, said that he had recently returned to Australia from a week long holiday in Hong Kong and found the city to be “an eye opener – full of life, excitement and colour”.

Steve's letter continues:

“The streets were bustling, the food was amazing, and the shopping was great. But I am sad to say that the locals were very rude.

“I have never come across so many rude people. No one held the door open for another person to walk through. No one offered their seat to a pregnant woman or elderly person. No one said please, thank you, or excuse me. Yet there are plenty of signs asking everyone to cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough.

“I would not recommend Hong Kong as a tourist destination, purely because of the rudeness of a large number of local residents I encountered during my week long stay.”

Wow, Steve!

That's quite an indictment!!!

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Your Feedback Wanted!

Okay, readers. Is there any truth to what Steve says?

I would love to get some feedback, both from people who live in Hong Kong that have traveled a bit – and from people from outside Hong Kong that have visited the city.

  • How do Hong Kong people's manners compare with those in other cities in Greater China – Beijing, Guangzhou, Macau, Shanghai, and Taipei?
  • How about other cities in Asia – Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, and Tokyo?
  • What about cities in other parts of the world?
  • And finally, would rudeness affect your decision to visit to a city? Should the Hong Kong Tourism Board be concerned?

Send your comments to: Accidental Travel Writer. Don't forget to include your name (or first initial if you prefer to remain anonymous) and where you live.